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Presidents Day!
Black History Month
State of the Union
Do you have a dream, too?
Thanksgiving: A National Holiday
Veterans Day
September 11
Constitution Day
What’s important to my government?
Local government: who does what?
Inaugurating a President
Electoral College
I Have a Dream…
Office of the President
Path to the Oval Office
Issue: Distracted Driving
A New Mayor for Charlotte
Issue: National Security and Surveillance
How the government pays its debt
Reading, Analyzing, and Using Information
Learning Opportunity: Election 2013
News Literacy
Issue: Voter ID
Founders Online
Teaching with the Records of Congress
My Wish and Ideas
Issue: Charlotte Airport
Take a virtual field trip!
Charlotte’s next mayor
North Carolina General Assembly
Leadership, strategy and communication
Finding legislation online - a student’s guide
Election 2012 Candidate Information
8 ways to watch and learn about debates
Democracy games
Debate Watch
Building civic literacy from an early age
Watching the Conventions
20 things kids can do to learn about conventions (without being political)
My wish and idea for America (or my community)
North Carolina Government
Mock Conventions!
5 tips for being a good voter
Three Branches of Government (for kids)
Civic Literacy: Read all about it!
Election 2012 and convention curriculum, activities and resources
C-SPAN Classroom
Courts and Law
How do we elect the President?
Doing Democracy: Civic Education Consortium
Texting, civic participation and leadership
I can register to vote?
Iowa Caucus