Student Election - Volunteering

Help children to learn about elections and see how elections work behind the scenes!

GenerationNation is recruiting volunteer captains to lead student voting stations during Election 2017. The Kids Voting mock election enables thousands of K-12 students to cast their own votes every year. To make this hands-on experience a good one for students, GenerationNation needs your help! This is a GREAT activity for students, PTAs, businesses, retirees, church groups, afterschool youth programs, civic organizations, etc.

Thank you election 2017 volunteer leaders!

Sign up to be an election captain - a leadership role

Being a captain for a student election site is fun and easy! Co-captains are welcome. Student voting stations are located in official polling places and schools across Charlotte-Mecklenburg. When you sign up, we will work with you to identify a volunteer opportunity near you. Sites are assigned first-come first-served starting September 1.

To volunteer to be a precinct captain contact GenerationNation by filling out this form (if you cannot access the form, email us at We will contact you to register you for a voting station and provide you with information about captain training. Remember, there is a heavy demand for sites so contact us as early as possible!

Role of captain (site leader) in Election 2017

Being a Captain is a great leadership and service-learning opportunity. Captains earn up to 20 service hours (based on level of involvement). You will work in real polling places – getting to see how elections work up close and behind-the-scenes. Captains may work with a Co-Captain and share the leadership role.

Captain responsibilities include

  • Attending training to receive instructions and materials (The captain will attend a one-hour training in October 2017 - dates will be provided in September or after you register as a captain).
  • Lining up a few volunteers to work for you at your site. Here's a sample schedule for planning
  • Working closely with GenerationNation and election officials
  • Helping children to vote and managing the student voting booth
  • Providing feedback and ideas

Captains who are students are usually, but not always, in 10th grade or older.

What do student captains and volunteers learn?

A lot! Volunteering to help GenerationNation run the student election is a great service-learning activity. You can learn about the election process behind-the-scenes, build leadership skills and serve the community. In addition to helping children to cast ballots, you'll see what happens when adults vote, how elections are set up, what campaigners do and what they look like, see who votes and what times of day are the busiest, and more.

What if I don't want to be a captain but still want to volunteer?

We are happy you want to volunteer. Our first priority is getting the Captain (Leader) in place at each site. The captains will schedule individual volunteers to work at their sites. If captains need extra volunteers, they may let us know in the mid-October timeframe, and we can connect you with that person to assign a volunteer shift. We also suggest that you ask the service coordinator at your school - they may be aware of captains needing extra help. Volunteers under the age of 12 require adult supervision. If you want to volunteer sometime other than the election, we have lots of other opportunities. Contact us for more information.