Inaugurating a President


What happens after the vote? We've learned about candidates and issues, watched political conventions and debates, and cast votes for President. Now it’s time for the Inauguration!

GenerationNation provides a variety of hands-on activities to help students learn while watching, reading about, analyzing and discussing the Inauguration. Activities are tied to Common Core and NC Essential Standards for Social Studies.


  • Reading, watching and analyzing Inaugural Addresses through history
  • Analyzing the Oath of Office
  • Writing a presidential speech
  • Getting the message across
  • Writing news headlines
  • My Wish for America/My Community
  • MLK Day
  • More

The President is sworn into office at 12:00 Noon on January 20th. This date and time is determined by the United States Constitution Amendment XX, which outlines the terms of presidential office.  On Inauguration Day, several events celebrate the peaceful transfer of power between Presidents or when Presidents begin their second terms.

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