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Wearing the “I Voted” sticker is just a start

Recent events provide a vivid reminder: educating and preparing our youth to lead and engage in the life of Charlotte and our nation has never been more important. Launched in 1992 as a mock election event called “Kids Voting”, this year marks the 25th anniversary for GenerationNation, now a Charlotte-based nonprofit organization working year-round to educate and engage a new generation of citizens and leaders.What we have learned over the years - nearly one million student participants later - is that giving young people an opportunity to cast a mock vote is just one critical part of becoming an informed and engaged citizen.


Election 2016 lessons and activities

Election 2016 is a great civic learning opportunity! Find nonpartisan resources and activities for K-12 that are based on standards, literacy, and critical thinking! Give your students the opportunity to make their voices heard in this year's election. Sign up for the latest news and information.


Watching the political conventions

Watch political conventions to learn about the candidates, find out about each party's platform, build skills, and lots more!


Celebrate Youth Leadership on April 28

Celebrate emerging civic leaders on April 28


NC Youth Leaders

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council student leaders experience legislative process, learn about different issues and perspectives, and meet youth council leaders from rural and urban communities in NC.


Primary Election 2016

Read, think, decide, and take action! Primary Election 2016 is a great opportunity for students to read and analyze information, think critically, make decisions, and take action while making their voices heard in the presidential primary election.


Youth Lead Charlotte-Mecklenburg Class of 2016

GenerationNation welcomes students to Youth Lead Charlotte-Mecklenburg Class of 2016!

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