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NC Youth Leaders

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council student leaders experience legislative process, learn about different issues and perspectives, and meet youth council leaders from rural and urban communities in NC.


Primary Election 2016

Read, think, decide, and take action! Primary Election 2016 is a great opportunity for students to read and analyze information, think critically, make decisions, and take action while making their voices heard in the presidential primary election.


Youth Lead Charlotte-Mecklenburg Class of 2016

GenerationNation welcomes students to Youth Lead Charlotte-Mecklenburg Class of 2016!


Election 2016: Iowa Caucus

Find educational resources for Iowa Caucus


The State of the Union

The State of the Union is a great civic learning opportunity. Activities involve reading, writing, analysis, media literacy, social studies, and more!


#GenNation Alumni

GenNation Alumni mentor high school students, join alumni network


Thousands of students build civic literacy through Election 2015

Students explore civic literacy and active citizenship through Election 2015

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