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In September and October 2016, in response to the officer-involved shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, Charlotte experienced civil unrest with groups protesting in  the streets. People expressed anger and frustrations about racial, social, and economic disparities in our city and a lack of trust in government. To address issues and concerns, the City Council pledged to focus on 3 key areas. This is outlined in the Community Letter.

  • Safety, Trust, and Accountability
  • Quality, Affordable Housing
  • Good Paying Jobs

As part of the Community Letter work, city officials seek feedback from Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents. They want to know what people think. What are our city’s top issues, concerns, ideas, and solutions?

Community Letter Conversations Activity

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Students will use the example of an important community issue (Community Letter) to practice reading and analyzing informational text, and using the information to take informed civic action through interviews and sharing of feedback with officials.

Aligns to multiple social studies/ELA themes. Adapt to course content and time available. Themes include:

  • Civic participation
  • Citizenship
  • Civic literacy
  • Civil rights
  • Compare historic and current events
  • Conflict
  • Three branches of government
  • Law, order
  • Leadership
  • Local government
  • Local history and leaders
  • Problem-solving
  • Social justice

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Tags: courts and law, informed action, leadership, local government, reading information

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