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In April 2014, The Charlotte Observer's editorial cartoonist Kevin Siers was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. This the highest national honor in journalism. Making this award even more unique,The Observer is one of the few national newspapers with an editorial cartoonist on staff. Many other newspapers hire freelancers who are self-employed artists who work for multiple newspapers.

Editorial cartoons are rich in educational content, and include civic literacy, informational text, history, and much more. Here are a few resources for using editorial cartoons in the classroom - great ideas for teaching kids and youth about the history, purpose, meaning, reading strategies and more.

American Association of Editorial Cartoonists

Includes links to many cartoonists plus a special section for Cartoons in the Classroom with downloads and lesson archive

Cagle.com Political Cartoonist Index

Many editorial cartoons, indexed by artist and topic


Resources, teaching guides, and ways to align content


Analyzing the purpose and meaning of cartoons


Strategies for classroom use, primary sources


Tags: analysis, government, history, news and media literacy, primary sources, reading information

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