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You’ll find a variety of lessons and activities that link Election 2016 to educational content for every grade. Everything is designed for flexibility and is based on literacy, critical thinking, and standards. With Election 2016, your students will learn, think, decide, and take action!

Use Election 2016 as a current event that can be used to learn, compare, contrast, draw parallels on a variety of topics including citizenship, community, democracy, elections and voting, history, leadership, leadership, 3 branches of government, all levels of government, office of President, issues, Constitution, electoral college, global history and events, and more.  (We are reorganizing some of the lessons on the site – and add new resources often - if you can’t find something, please let us know.)

Planning for Election 2016

Learning about elections and democracy

In September and October, students to learn background, information, and explore context related to Election 2016. Depending on age level and content area, and how you want to fit it in to your lesson plans and pacing - GenerationNation's resources help students to learn about the democratic process, roles of government, historic/global context of the election and American democracy, citizenship, role of the President, what is voting, using information, and other topics.

Sept. 26 - Oct. 19    Analyzing candidates, debates, issues

Candidate debates begin September 26. During this timeframe, students analyze candidates and issues through debates and candidate information: real-world current event that will provide dynamic, timely content for learning. GenerationNation will provide you with debate schedules, information, activities, video clips, images, text, a student candidate guide, issues information, and other tools and resources to make the learning opportunity easy, educational, and nonpartisan.

Oct. 24 - Election Day (Nov. 8)     Making decisions and voting

Finally! After learning about the process, roles, and context, and analyzing the candidates and issues, students use the information they have learned to make informed decisions...and then make their voices heard! The student vote is easy to implement, and helps your students to experience the election process and democracy by casting their own votes. (The student election runs October 24-November 8, 2016)

After the vote

Keep learning -- in November analyze results, in December explore the Electoral College, and January  follow the Inauguration.



Learning about elections, voting, democracy, offices on the ballot, and more


MS/HS (can be modified for middle and upper elementary)

Introduction to Executive Branch (and Electoral College) lesson plan

Political Parties lesson plan

Propaganda lesson plan

Bias in elections

Presidential Advisers and Executive Agencies lesson plan

Roles of the President lesson plan

Ancient Rome and US Elections lesson plan

Elections and Lincoln-Douglas debates lesson plan

Presidential campaigning lesson plan

NC Pre-registration law

Are you a Democrat or Republican?

Exploring the Electoral College

Propaganda and Spin

Representative Democracy

Voter Fraud, Law, and ID



Writing a Story

Fun Practice Vote

Voter Apathy

Know the Vote

Who can vote?

Design a Voting Site

Get Ready to Vote

What Happened in this Election?

Promises, Promises

Who's the Leader?

President's Jobs

Roles of the President

Government and Me

News and Me

Democracy and Me

Democracy Life

Election Central


I Know What I Know

Inferring Information

Solving problems

My Campaign Promise

If Elected, My First Priority is...



Debates, candidates, and issues


Debate schedule, clips, and activities

Issues and information

Issues in Election 2016

Issues lesson plan

Bias in Elections

Bias (20 forms of bias impacting decisions)

Understanding Polls

Historic presidential debates (video archive)

Living Room Candidate - Historic political ads


Meet the candidates - candidate profiles lesson plan

Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump

Gary Johnson

NC Governor candidates

NC - US Senate candidates

Debates clips

Candidate Jigsaw reading activity and handouts

PBS Frontline Video - The Choice

Governor role

NC Executive Branch

Election 2016 slides/ppt

Election Guide (President)

Rate the candidates

Rate the Candidates (President - 2 candidates)

Rate the Candidates (President - 3 candidates)

Rate the Candidates (NC Governor - 2 candidates)

Rate the Candidates (NC Governor - 3 candidates)

Rate the Candidates (NC Senate - 2 candidates)

Rate the Candidates (NC Senate - 3 candidates)


Political conventions


About presidential elections

Electing a President

Office of the President (includes US Constitution Article II and other resources)

Introduction to Executive Branch (and Electoral College) lesson plan

Roles of the President lesson plan

Presidential campaigning lesson plan

President's Jobs

Roles of the President

Electoral College (downloadable map and several activities)

Electoral College - Simple, short video

Historic Electoral College Maps

Printable US state map (use for election night)

Path to the Oval Office (includes poster opportunity and download)

State by state guide to election 2016

Iowa Caucus


Student Election and Student Voice

Student vote: October 24-November 8, 2016

Student Voice Election 2016

Information about setting up student vote at your school

Election Guide - President

Hamilton: Vote! (short video)


After the vote

National election results (President)

NC Election Results (many maps and charts)

Student results

Donald Trump Victory Speech - VIDEO and TRANSCRIPT

Hillary Clinton Concession Speech - VIDEO and TRANSCRIPT

Obama and Trump meet to begin transfer of power - VIDEO and TRANSCRIPT

Trump interview - Trump speaks to a divided country (CBS) - VIDEO and TRANSCRIPT

Discussion questions and writing prompts

Student voice - perspective from North Mecklenburg HS student Jason Kerman

Front pages from newspapers worldwide (NYT) - and printable PDF version

Electoral College (downloadable map and several activities)

Electoral College - Simple, short video

Electoral College - Schoolhouse Rock video

Electoral College - New York Times video

Electoral College - National Archives (many tools and resources)

Electoral College 2016 - VP Biden certifies results (video)

Historic Electoral College Maps

Electoral vs Popular Vote

Printable US state map

Path to the Oval Office (includes poster opportunity and download)

Tracking candidate promises

President Donald Trump - PBS Frontline Film

Obama Farewell Address on January 10, 2017 (video)

Obama Farewell Address on January 10, 2017 (text)

Inaugurating a President




Teaching tools, tips, and other resources

Correlations for K-2

Correlations for 3-5

Correlations for MS

Correlations for HS

Reading and analyzing information 

Essential questions

Fact checking


NC Pre-registration law for ages 16-17

Differentiated learning

Using CNN student news

Tips for connecting the election with different content areas


PBS Election Central

PBS virtual field trips

Interactive map

Election process videos for grades 3-12

- How presidents are elected

- Election process

- Campaigning

-Political parties

- Election foundations

- General election


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