Election 2017 resources


Learn, think, decide, and vote!

Election 2017 Learning Opportunity

Election 2017 Learning Opportunity: Steps to learn, think, decide, and vote

Reading Jigsaw Activity - school board

Reading Jigsaw Activity - mayor

Reading jigsaw helps students to learn about candidates through reading and dialogue

Rate the Candidates worksheets

Charlotte Mayor

Town Mayor

School Board District 1

School Board District 2

School Board District 3

School Board District 4

School Board District 5

School Board District 6

Charlotte City Council At-Large

Student Candidate Guide: candidate info, bonds, roles of officials, and more

Student Candidate Guide

Youth Candidate Forum

Find your district
Who represents my school?
Look up your address

Election 2017 Student Vote - Teacher and student information

October 24-November 7, K-12 students cast their own votes in Election 2017! Learn more

Teacher planning info and sign up for ballots and stickers

Teacher instructions for vote



More lessons

* note: lessons can be modified for a class period or used in warm-up, group work, writing prompts, etc. See below for suggested ways to align this content to your course standards.

local government, community, candidates, issues

If Elected, My First Priority is...*

Solving Problems

My campaign promise*

Writing a Story *

Government and Me*

Democracy Life*

Promises, promises*

Inferring information*

I Know What I Know*

News and Me*


Who's the Leader?*

Elections and voting

Essential questions


Political parties lesson

Propaganda lesson

NC Pre-registration law lesson

Are you a Democrat or a Republican?

NC Voter ID law

Democracy and Me*


Fun, practice vote*

Who can vote*

Voter Apathy*

Know the vote*

Get ready, vote!*

Design a Voting Site*


Grades K-2

Grades 3-5




Local Government

Mayor, council, school board, cities and towns

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