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Did you know that the New York Times creates and shares lesson plans to help teachers to integrate current events into core subjects? Here's a list of 2014-15 lessons for social studies, American history, civics, economics, and geography. Access lessons here

Global History and Current Events

   World War I | Teaching World War I With The New York Times
    The ISIS Threat: Teaching About the Complex War Raging in Iraq and Syria
    Teenagers and Extremism: Investigating the ISIS Recruitment Pipeline
    Ebola Epidemic
    Learning From Disaster: Exploring the Ebola Epidemic
    Detection, Prevention and Treatment: Researching Issues Around Ebola in the United States
    Children’s Rights | Teaching About Children’s Rights Through the Work of Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi
    Berlin Wall | Text to Text | The Fall of the Berlin Wall: Reporting in 1989 and Remembering 25 Years Later
    Charlie Hebdo Attacks | Je Suis Charlie et Ahmed: Teaching and Learning About the Charlie Hebdo Attacks
    Iran | Atomic Dilemma: Debating How to Prevent Iran From Developing Nuclear Weapons
    Armenian Genocide | Teaching the Armenian Genocide With Primary Sources From The New York Times
    Nepal Earthquake | Teaching About the Nepal Earthquake With The New York Times
    Europe’s Immigration Crisis | Tragedy in the Mediterranean: Learning About Europe’s Immigration Crisis

United States History and Current Events

    Ferguson, Staten Island and Baltimore
    The Death of Michael Brown: Teaching About Ferguson
    Will What Happened in Ferguson Change Anything?
    Should All Police Officers Wear Body Cameras?
    How Do You Feel About What’s Happening in Baltimore?
    Reader Idea | A Mural Project Inspired by New York Times Columns on Race
    Marijuana | A Nation in Transition: Investigating Evolving Research and Policy on Marijuana
    Bill of Rights | Text to Text | The Bill of Rights and ‘The Bill of Rights We Deserve’
    Voting | Fair Elections in Jeopardy? Connecting the Dots Among Voting Rates, Rights and Restrictions
    Midterm Elections | Election Projections: Exploring What’s at Stake in the Battle for the Senate
    Immigration | Border Politics: Debating Immigration Policy
    Civil Rights | Front Page History: Teaching About Selma Using Original Times Reporting
    Cuba-U.S. Relations | Thawing Relations: Teaching About Cuba and the U.S.
    Malcolm X | Text to Text | ‘What Would Malcolm X Think?’ and ‘After the Bombing’
    Transcontinental Railroad | A Nation on the Move: Exploring the Promise of the First Transcontinental Railroad
    History of Lynchings | Text to Text | ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and ‘History of Lynchings in the South Documents Nearly 4,000 Names

Special Topics

    Communities | 10 Ways to Explore and Express What Makes Your Community Unique
    Current Events | 50 Ways to Teach With Current Events
    News Literacy | Guest Post | Practical Tools for Teaching News Literacy
    Digital Research | Digital Tools For Discovery: 10 Ways to Search and Explore The New York Times
    Plato | Text to Text: Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and ‘In the Cave: Philosophy and Addiction’
    Racial ‘Microaggressions’ | Text to Text | ‘Little Things Are Big’ and ‘Students See Many Slights as Racial ‘Microaggressions’ ’
    Cybersecurity | Teaching About Cybersecurity: Taking Steps to Improve Online Safety and Prevent Data Breaches
    2014 | Looking Back on 2014 | 15 Ways to Teach and Learn About the Year That Was
    Personal Finance | The Power of Saving: Exploring the Mathematics of Compound Interest
    Social Studies for E.L.L.s
    Ideas for E.L.L.s | Civics and Citizenship
    Ideas for E.L.L.s | Teaching and Learning About Work and Careers

    The Rodney King Verdict and the L.A. Riots
    The 150th Anniversary of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
    The Scopes Trial
    The Space Race
    Feminists and Feminism, Yesterday and Today
    The Beatles Invade America
    King Tut’s Tomb
    Roe v. Wade and the Death of L.B.J.
    Rosa Parks Refuses to Move to the Back of the Bus
    Election Days of the Past
    The 1918 Influenza Pandemic
    The Blizzard of 1888
    Ruffians Living By Pillage, Underwater Nightclubs and Other Predictions for 2015
    Thanksgiving at Times of National Turmoil
    Historic Hauntings
    The Times Reports on Prom, 1955-2015
    Yankee Stadium, the Loch Ness Monster, Coney Island, Postal Cats and More
    Valentine’s Days of the Past

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