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State of the Union

Lots of activities for the State of the Union

What’s important to my government?

Ever wonder what's most important to your government? Check out the budget! That's where government officials and policymakers work to establish funding priorities.

Election 2016 Candidate Debates

Video links, activities and resources for watching debates!

Political Conventions

Watch the political conventions to learn about the candidates - and LOTS more!

Charlotte vs. Denver: 10 ways to build civic literacy with the Super Bowl

What do you know about Charlotte and Denver? Get ready for the Super Bowl and build civic literacy!

Iowa Caucus

Educational resources for Iowa Caucus

Primary Source Analysis

Simple, adaptable, and highly useful guides from Library of Congress


A global news event that is rich with opportunities for classroom discussions, civic learning, news literacy, reading information, and lots more.

Learning opportunity: Election 2015

Get ready to learn, think, decide, and act! Educates students about government, democracy, reading and analyzing info, the election process, making decisions, citizenship, and more!

Speakers Bureau

Want to bring real-world experiences to your students? Invite a speaker to your classroom! GenerationNation makes this process easy, educational, and worthwhile for everyone involved.

Charleston Shooting

A collection of civic literacy resources for learning about the Charleston shootings and resulting actions


Learning about foreign diplomacy and current issues

Singing History

A new way to teach history

Charlie Hebdo attacks

Resources for classroom learning and dialogue about Charlie Hebdo event

Today’s Front Pages

Search and compare newspaper front pages for current and historic events

Pearl Harbor

Attack on Pearl Harbor - a compelling history lesson rich with civic and news literacy

Global indicators database

Great digital tool highlights US/foreign citizen perceptions on key US and global issues.

Learning opportunity: Election 2014

Get ready to learn about elections, voting, government and more! Educates students about democracy, reading and analyzing info, the election process, making decisions, citizenship, and more!

Scotland votes

Should Scotland be independent? Resources and discussion questions to help students learn, think, and decide.

Checking facts

Check the facts like an expert!

Editorial Cartoons

Editorial cartoons are a great classroom tool - Charlotte Observer's Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Kevin Siers and other resources

Issue: Cannon in the news

An important historic event for the city, and a relevant civic learning opportunity

Flight 370

The mystery of flight 370 offers rich opportunities for classroom discussion and critical thinking.

Maps and charts that explain the world

Great map and chart resources on a variety of topics, curated by the Washington Post.

A New Mayor for Charlotte

Charlotte’s new mayor, Patrick Cannon, was sworn in on December 2, 2013. Use this learning opportunity to help students to explore local government, leadership, communication, policy, and more.

What happens after election day?

Election 2013: after the vote. Voting's not the end of civic learning and participation - it is just the beginning!

Reading, Analyzing, and Using Information

Simple steps for reading and analyzing information including public policies, community issues, government actions and more.

News Literacy

Looking for digital tools to help your students learn about current - and historic - events? Use newspapers! Many great educational tools are offered online.

Explore the world’s constitutions

Wonder how different countries define the rights of citizens, or the voting process? Explore the world's constitutions with Constitute!

My Wish and Ideas

Students consider national or community challenges and come up with their ideas and solutions for solving them.

Finding legislation online - a student’s guide

A student shares her tips on how to find legislation online

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