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Presidents Day!

Presidents Day is a holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February. It is a day when Americans honor the leaders who have served as President of the United States.

State of the Union

Lots of activities for the State of the Union

Thanksgiving: A National Holiday

Getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving? In addition to giving thanks, use this holiday as an opportunity for civic learning.

Issue: Immigration Executive Order

Resources about Trump Executive Order on Immigration

Inaugurating a President

Hands-on activities to help students learn while watching, reading about, analyzing and discussing the Inauguration

Office of the President

What is the President's job? How does the President get elected?

Presidential Voices

A collection of audio recordings of US Presidents from after reconstruction to the present.


Free posters about government

Charleston Shooting

A collection of civic literacy resources for learning about the Charleston shootings and resulting actions

Health care law

Supreme Court reviews Affordable Care Act - a good opportunity to explore healthcare law and the 3 branches of government

A new mayor for Charlotte (again)

Charlotte has a new mayor...again! Dan Clodfelter will serve until December 2015

Issue: Cannon in the news

An important historic event for the city, and a relevant civic learning opportunity

Gettysburg Address

Send your video of the Gettysburg Address, celebrate and learn about the historic speech

Founding Documents and Founders’ Principles

In 2011, the North Carolina General Assembly approved the Founding Principles Act. It defines certain Founding Documents and Founders' Principles that high school students need to learn about and understand for civic literacy.

A New Mayor for Charlotte

Charlotte’s new mayor, Patrick Cannon, was sworn in on December 2, 2013. Use this learning opportunity to help students to explore local government, leadership, communication, policy, and more.

Learning Opportunity: Election 2013

Educates students about democracy, reading and analyzing information, the election process, making decisions, different levels of government, ways that citizens participate in political life, and more.

Founders Online

Find the correspondence and other writings of 6 founders of the United States.

Finding information about government

Looking for government websites?

North Carolina Government

Resources about NC government

Three Branches of Government (for kids)

3 branches of government for kids

GenerationNation develops a new generation of civic leaders.




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