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What’s important to my government?

Ever wonder what's most important to your government? Check out the budget! That's where government officials and policymakers work to establish funding priorities.

Charlotte police shooting - news and discussion

Discussion questions and news sources about Charlotte police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott

Charlotte ordinance

Non-discrimination ordinance is civic learning opportunity

Charlotte vs. Denver: 10 ways to build civic literacy with the Super Bowl

What do you know about Charlotte and Denver? Get ready for the Super Bowl and build civic literacy!

Resource Toolkit

Looking for a lesson plan, image, video, text, resource, or idea for civic learning? Search the resource toolkit.


A global news event that is rich with opportunities for classroom discussions, civic learning, news literacy, reading information, and lots more.

Landmark Cases

Great resources on landmark cases including Marbury v Madison, Brown v Board of Education and more

Speakers Bureau

Want to bring real-world experiences to your students? Invite a speaker to your classroom! GenerationNation makes this process easy, educational, and worthwhile for everyone involved.

Half a million historic events on video

A great resource for historical footage dating back to 1895

Charleston Shooting

A collection of civic literacy resources for learning about the Charleston shootings and resulting actions

Health care law

Supreme Court reviews Affordable Care Act - a good opportunity to explore healthcare law and the 3 branches of government


Learning about foreign diplomacy and current issues

Charlie Hebdo attacks

Resources for classroom learning and dialogue about Charlie Hebdo event

Global indicators database

Great digital tool highlights US/foreign citizen perceptions on key US and global issues.

Issue: Distracted Driving

Highlight the public issue of distracted driving (especially texting while driving) and help students learn about roles of government, legislative process, leadership, civic participation and other topics.

Flight 370

The mystery of flight 370 offers rich opportunities for classroom discussion and critical thinking.

A New Mayor for Charlotte

Charlotte’s new mayor, Patrick Cannon, was sworn in on December 2, 2013. Use this learning opportunity to help students to explore local government, leadership, communication, policy, and more.

Issue: National Security and Surveillance

Students deliberate issues of national security and surveillance in this activity from CSPAN. Includes lesson plan, DBQ, news and video clips, and more.

Reading, Analyzing, and Using Information

Simple steps for reading and analyzing information including public policies, community issues, government actions and more.

Learning Opportunity: Election 2013

Educates students about democracy, reading and analyzing information, the election process, making decisions, different levels of government, ways that citizens participate in political life, and more.

News Literacy

Looking for digital tools to help your students learn about current - and historic - events? Use newspapers! Many great educational tools are offered online.

Issue: Charlotte Airport

Learn about government, read legislation, legal documents and other official government documents plus media coverage about future of CLT airport

Issue: Bonds

Learning about Election 2013 issue: bonds

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