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Thanksgiving: A National Holiday

Getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving? In addition to giving thanks, use this holiday as an opportunity for civic learning.

Case study: powers of state and local government

Explore the powers of local and state governments through a case study about NC legislation

Government for Kids

Government 101 for kids


Free posters about government

Charleston Shooting

A collection of civic literacy resources for learning about the Charleston shootings and resulting actions

Health care law

Supreme Court reviews Affordable Care Act - a good opportunity to explore healthcare law and the 3 branches of government

Issue: Distracted Driving

Highlight the public issue of distracted driving (especially texting while driving) and help students learn about roles of government, legislative process, leadership, civic participation and other topics.

A new mayor for Charlotte (again)

Charlotte has a new mayor...again! Dan Clodfelter will serve until December 2015

Founding Documents and Founders’ Principles

In 2011, the North Carolina General Assembly approved the Founding Principles Act. It defines certain Founding Documents and Founders' Principles that high school students need to learn about and understand for civic literacy.

Issue: Voter ID

In 2013, the North Carolina General Assembly created and voted to approve new legislation about voting laws. In 2016, federal courts ruled that NC's Voter ID law is discriminatory.

Issue: Charlotte Airport

Learn about government, read legislation, legal documents and other official government documents plus media coverage about future of CLT airport

North Carolina General Assembly

How does the NC General Assembly work?

Finding legislation online - a student’s guide

A student shares her tips on how to find legislation online

North Carolina Government

Resources about NC government

Three Branches of Government (for kids)

3 branches of government for kids

GenerationNation develops a new generation of civic leaders.




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