Youth Lead Charlotte-Mecklenburg

Are you ready to lead?

High school freshmen and sophomores: want to learn how our community works…and how you can make a difference?

Apply to be part of the next Youth Lead Charlotte-Mecklenburg class. The youth civic leadership academy connects emerging leaders from different schools and backgrounds. Join a growing network of young civic leaders!

The GenerationNation program enables high school students to collaborate over a semester to learn how the community works, meet students from different schools and backgrounds, and develop knowledge and skills needed by a new generation of Charlotte-Mecklenburg civic leaders.

2018 marks the 4th year the innovative youth civic leadership academy is being offered. Participants meet approximately twice a month January-May 2018 with peers and community leaders to learn about the community’s history and growth, explore the city and its successes and challenges, and join a growing network of emerging student civic leaders. After completing YLCM, participants will continue their civic leadership as active leaders in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council.

Who can apply?

Mecklenburg County students in grades 9-10 who demonstrate leadership in school and/or community activities and are interested in learning more about the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community, civic issues, and how to make a difference as a civic leader.

Interested? Tell your teacher, principal, or School Leadership Team that you want to represent your school in the next YLCM class - and submit your application!

When is the program?

The 2018 program will take place in January-May 2018, with approximately 2 program sessions each month.


Sessions are centrally located in downtown Charlotte.

Apply by November 26, 2017

Application for YLCM Class of 2018

Program information

Contact us with questions and for more information

GenerationNation develops a new generation of civic leaders.




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